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Anouk Wolf is a Dutch artist and songwriter. From a young age she’s been incredibly passionate about music, singing and writing her own songs. Determined that she wanted to become a musician, she started with singing and piano lessons at just four years old, and she hasn't stopped since. 

Her dreamy songs are a mixture of pop, indie folk, soul and rock. The catchy melodies and melancholic harmonies are memorable, but what will really capture you, are Anouk’s raw, powerful voice and her contagious energy. Her poetic lyrics are comforting and honest, telling stories we can all find ourselves relating to.


She gets her inspiration from great artists such as Etta James, Adele, Lady Gaga, Lianne la Havas, Phoebe Bridgers and Fleetwood Mac. Coming next is her debut-EP Blue Stars, an album about growing up and finding out who you want to be. You can almost listen to the full EP: December 15th it will be released! For now, you can already listen to the first three singles: City Lights, Dreaming and recently released Wildflowers.

Upcoming Shows

23 december

Radio RLP FM -- Anouk Wolf

16:00 -- 18:00 

23 december

Stathe Utrecht -- THE VOID

21:00 -- 22:30

5 januari 

TivoliVredenburg Rabo Open Stage -- Anouk Wolf

17:45 - 18:30

12 januari

WOS Radio -- Anouk Wolf

19:30 - 21:00


Blue Stars


Anouk Wolf's debut-EP, called "Blue Stars", will be out in the open on December 15th. With three singles already released, she can't wait to show the world the full EP very soon!

The album tells a story about growing up, with all its fears and uncertainties. It's about accepting change and ultimately becoming who you want to be. Blue stars are tiny star-shaped flowers, symbolizing inner strength and determination. The main theme of the album is accepting the unknowingness of life. You can grow whenever you want to grow, in unexpected places, changing through the years, maybe losing your colors sometimes... as long as you always find your way back to them 🍀🌸🌝🌺


The first three singles of the EP are available now!

Check them out on Spotify! ⤹​


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City Lights





Songwriting: Anouk Wolf

Production: Ruben Bausch 

Artwork: Maarten Huizing 

Photo/video: Lennard Moors

Drums: Damian de Muijnck

Bass: Yaresh Soekhlal

Guitar: Alex van der Spek / Anouk Wolf

Keys: Anouk Wolf / Ruben Bausch

Vocals: Anouk Wolf 


Live Video's

City Lights


Interview at 'Sound of Haarlem'


Anouk's newest band THE VOID has been quite busy the last few years! Together with friends and musical partners Ruben Bausch and Lennard Moors she founded a new band, creating electronic pop/rock music with hints of techno and psy-trance.

With their refreshing sound, their unique lightshow and their energetic performance, they really know how to take you with them in their live-show. This summer they've played shows at Mysteryland, Patronaat Haarlem, Amsterdamse Popprijs, and many more.

Having released their first EP, they're now eagerly working on finishing their second EP and on organizing a spectacular release show on May 31st of next year. 

THE VOID's debut-EP is now out on all platforms!

Listen here ⤹​

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Songwriting: Anouk Wolf & Ruben Bausch 

Production: Ruben Bausch

Co-production: Lennard Moors & Anouk Wolf

Management & photography: Lennard Moors

Artwork: Floris van den Oever



For bookings, collaborations, vocal coaching, or any other inquiries, please contact:



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Photography by

Digital: Jessie Kamp

Analog: Lennart van Kasterop


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